Friday, April 29, 2016

A little project...

My niece asked if I could make some more burp cloths for her baby, my grand-niece.  Sure!  Found some leftover flannel, bought a couple inexpensive towels, and viola! New burp cloths! She did ask me not to make the "notch" for the shoulder that I'd done for the other burp cloths I made her. So both sides are straight.


1 and 1/2 yards of fabric
1 spool of leftover thread

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Since people found out I can sew (and quilt)...

I've been doing some commissioned sewing and quilting!

A customer gave me an apron and asked me to make 3 copies of the style in Christmas fabric. She left the choice of fabric up to me. I made 3 identical aprons from Mary Englebreit's Christmas Cookies fabric.

I also made 3 identical aprons from Robert Kaufmann's Christmas Recipe Card Collection.  The customer now has two choices. The remaining aprons will go into my Etsy shop. 


4 spools of various threads leftover from other projects.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I've been busy!

First, I'd like to announce my new Etsy shop!  YAY!  I finally did it!

I have spent most of the last 3 months sewing and quilting to fill the Etsy shop and to finish up some projects for family and friends. I decided to tally up what I've made so far this year (since January 10). Whew!  I've been busy!  Current tally:

3 crocheted afghans (1 is in the Etsy shop)
2 pot holders
2 embellished towels
23 microwave bowl cozies (12 are in the Etsy shop)
1 apron
1 table runner
3 Quilts Of Honor of my own dsign
10 panel Quilts Of Honor
10 dust covers with accessory pockets (4 covers went to the Etsy shop)
7 tote bags
7 quilts (for the Etsy shop)
2 fabric baskets (for the Etsy shop)
2 terrycloth bunnies

WHEW!  And there's still more to come!

A crocheted afghan backed with fleece...

One of my kids is learning to crochet so I helped put together the squares after they were finished.  I then backed the crocheted "patchwork" with fleece so it'd be extra warm.  

Camo and pink for a little grand-niece. 

The fleece back. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Seven Tote Bags...

My sister asked if I could make her some tote bags to use as gifts.  I had great fun searching the web for various free patterns.  Each bag is different, I tried several patterns and I also altered every one of them to suit what she asked for - outside AND inside pockets. 

Each of the wide bands across the front are pockets - but there is a matching band on the back, with more pockets! Some don't have inside pockets because they have several outside pockets.

4 outside pockets.

6 outside pockets and 1 inside pocket.

4 outside pockets.

4 outside pockets, 1 inside pocket.

6 outside pockets.

4 outside pockets.

6 outside pockets, 2 inside pockets.


About 6 yards of fabric
2 yards of lining fabric
4 yards of fleece
2 spools of thread

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Six More Quilts Of Honor Tops...

I finished six more Quilts Of Honor tops.  Off they go to the volunteer long-arm quilter, then to the woman who will bind them and then on to the military veterans1 YAY! 


1 yard of fabric (the rest was donated)
2 spools of thread

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Made 6 of these for a customer...

I made 6 of these for a customer.  They are garment dust covers and they have a little accessories pocket for belts and scarves that go with whatever clothing they cover. The customer provided the fabric and the zippers.

On the hanger with the pocket closed. 

How they are used - clothing goes under the dust cover and the accessories go in the pocket.  It can be zipped closed, too.  


40 inches of leftover ribbon
40 inches of leftover lace
40 inches of leftover giant rickrack
1 spool of machine quilting thread

None of my machines liked this thread and I thought I'd never use it up.   
Turns out the Featherweight loves it!