Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I finally finished the Christmas quilt I started on June 5, 2014.  It is the Disappearing 9 patch block done with scraps of Christmas fabric leftover from other projects.

I bought fabric to finish the back, but still had to piece it after miscalculating the size.  :(
I stitched in the ditch around all the blocks and the bindings, and then stitched and X over each block.  The binding is folded over from the back.


2 yards of various Christmas scrap fabrics
2 yards of polyester batting (given to me)
2 spools of white thread

Sunday, July 6, 2014

More Small Gifts...

I've been working on Christmas items - I can't mention what they are because they're gifts for someone who reads my blog.  However, I have made 8 "things" and intend to make 10 "things" for each person who will receive the "things." for Christmas.
This is leaving me with scraps of fabric that are odd sizes.  So I decided to try a little project I found on a blog that was written in Spanish.  I didn't translate the blog, but followed the photo tutorial...changing the centimeters to inches, too. 
Here is a little pocket tissue holder:
About 4 yards of various fabric remnants for the "things"
160 inches of various remnant trims
2 partial spools of thread

Monday, June 9, 2014

Making Kitchen Things...

I've been making kitchen things! Gifts for a friend...
Microwave bowl cozies, square patchwork potholders, Prairie point embellished towels, Hexegon potholders, Large hot pad, Dishmat, Potato bag
1 yard of assorted scrap fabrics
1 yard scrap batting
1 spool thread

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Clothing Hanger Dust Cover with Accessories Pocket

When you live on a dirt road, dust gets everywhere, including in closets.  It often settles across the shoulders of hanging clothing.  Oftentimes, I can just brush it off. But when it settles on clothes I don't wear much, rather than brushing it off, I have to actually wash the clothing because the dust/dirt has settled into the fibers. 
I searched the net to find a pattern for dust covers, and in so doing, discovered another item called a "clothing safe." It is a clothes hanger covered in fabric in which there is a pocket to hide valuables.  You hang your clothes OVER the fabric, thus hiding your goodies. It didn't suit my purpose - I wanted to hang my clothes UNDER the fabric, to protect from dust.  
However, a lightbulb went off in my head.  (Stop laughing).  Why not combine the two, and make a dust cover AND a clothing safe, or even better, use the pocket for accessories? How many of us have belts, or a brooch, or a scarf, or special jewelry that only goes with one outfit?  And how many of us can lay our hands on all those accessories at a moment's notice?  And what about packing?  Wouldn't it be great to simply take an article of clothing along with it's accessories and pack it all at once? 
I figured someone had already made a dust cover with an accessories pouch, so I searched to the ends of the Internet (well, it seemed like it) for a pattern.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Apparently, if someone else has thought of it, they've not acted on the impulse. So I had to think on it for a few days and figure out a pattern all by myself (which can be a daunting task!). And by the way, one of the main reasons I hate sewing clothes is because I can never put a zipper in right! So, I had to consider putting a zipper on the pouch (because you don't want anything falling out), too.  I decided I was up to the task.  I wouldn't let a teensy bit of 18 inch cloth and teeth stop me! 

So after I spent a few days thinking on how to do it, I set to work.  Amazingly, I finished it within an hour!  Even the zipper part!

I will be making these as Christmas presents for a few people who travel extensively.  They can not only protect their clothing at home in the closet, but can pack their accessories with the garments they take!
So here it is - my dust cover with a zippered accessories pouch.
The dust cover, embellished with a little lace.
A scarf hanging out of the zippered pouch.
Dust cover doing it's job on one of my outfits, and another scarf, hanging out of the zippered pouch. 
1/2 yard of leftover fabric
18 inches of leftover lace

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Using Up Christmas Fabric...

I opened one of my wirebasket drawers and found quite a bit of Christmas fabric.  I have wanted to try the Disappearing Nine-Patch technique for a while, and decided this would be a good project.  Basically, you make a 9-patch square - any size (I used 6 inch patches) and then cut it right down the middle, both ways.  And then you simply turn 2 of the blocks inward and the chain effect happens. 
Christmas Disappearing Nine-Patch. Note that I also did random patches - I tried to keep the reds and greens mixed up.
 Not quilted yet as I've not found a satisfactory backing fabric.
2 yards of various fabrics.
Half a spool of thread

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Little Project...

Since the foyer wall cabinet was built and installed two years ago, I've needed to create a small cover for the bench seat between the bookcases.  Temporarily, I was simply folding a blanket and putting it on the seat, but it tended to slip and slide. 
So, I finally decided last night, when I threw the blanket in the wash, that I really needed to make something. I didn't want a cushion, just something I can toss in the wash when it got dirty.  I also wanted it to be fairly neutral colors.
I found these hand-dyed fabrics I bought some 20 years ago for a project I never did...and so, my bench seat cover was born. 
I cut a foundation piece, fliped and stitched the strips, added batting and a back, sewed all around, turned it right side out, and stitched all the way around the edges. I also stitched down the center seam.  I may quilt it later...we'll see. :)
This is the back - a piece of batik fabric I bought at a yardsale - 2 1/2 yards for $2.00!
Here's a photo of the complete unit, with bench seat in the middle.
Half a yard of various fabrics
Half a yard of scrap batting
Half a yard backing

Sunday, May 18, 2014

TableRunners, Coasters and a Quilt

I've been working on the stash, still doing some Christmas fabric things, but also playing with some other fabrics I found, too.  So, I made a couple more tablerunners and some matching coasters. 
The left one is an old Hoffman Japanese fabric, chrysanthamums lined with a faint gold line.  The right one is grapes and grape leaves, also lined with a thin gold line. Stashbusting stats at the bottom of the post. 
I then decided to do something with some scrap fabric I found in the drawer. It is leftover fabric from the quilt I made my grand-niece, and because some was already cut in 3 inch strips, I decided to do a jelly roll race quilt. Here's a link to the You Tube video on how to do one:
I also had trouble doing the mitered corners, I got about half backwards, so I finally gave up and just sewed the strips together in straight lines! Then, I set the quilt aside to go get a drink and came back to this:
Emmy the cat cops a nap on the unfinished quilt. So I waited a while and finally, she left.  I went to the kitchen to get  a drink before I started quilting and I came back to this:
Dinah cops a nap on the unfinished quilt.  She stayed on it all evening, so I decided I'd work on the quilt the next morning. I ate breakfast, got a drink, came into the room to work on the quilt and there he was...
Christian, settling in for a nap on the quilt!!! Eventually, he moved on, so I was able to finish it. The finished quilt is 46 X 67 inches, a good size for a toddler.

The polyester batting I used slipped and I didn't discover it until AFTER I'd stitched-in-the-ditch quilted it! I ironed the offending part towards the very edge, and then put a binding over the wrinkles. It looks a tiny bit wonky on that edge, but a baby won't notice.
Tablerunners & Coasters: 1 yard or so of various fabrics
Quilt: 1 1/2 yards of various fabrics
1 1/2 yards of polyester batting
1 1/2 yards flannel backing
1/2 spool of thread